about DL3RTL/b

DL3RTL/b is a HF radio propagation beacon and amateur standard frequency radio station based in Berlin, Germany.

The frequency has been officially coordinated by the IARU.

propagation beacon

The purpose of our station is the investigation of the propagation of radio signals. DL3RTL/b is broadcasting on HF (shortwave) and operating in continuous wave (CW, A1A) and alternatively Frequency Shift Keying (FSK, 800Hz shift) to transmit the identification with call sign, location and additional information.

standard frequency

DL3RTL/b also provides amateur standard frequency with an accuracy of +/- 0,002Hz in normal operation. The exact frequency is controlled by direct digital synthesis and locked by GPS time information.

DL3RTL/b is an excellent indicator of ionospheric propagation to the Berlin area, eastern Germany as well as the western Poland areas.

The manned station is operated and controlled by Daniel Möller, DL3RTL.


intermitted service
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facts in brief

call sign DL3RTL/b

main frequency 28.273,00 MHz (10,61 m)

secondary frequencies (coming soon)

stability +/- 0,002Hz in normal operation

mode CW, FSK (shift 800Hz)

modulation A1A

power 5,0 watt

QTH Berlin-Tempelhof

locator JO62QL

operation times irr.

transmitter homebrew, DDS, PLL

antenna vertical λ/2 dipole

vvv de DL3RTL/b
JO62QL berlin
5w omni
pse rpt

QSL information

QSL: via DL3RTL details

QSL manager: Daniel Möller, DL3RTL

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