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HAM radio station DL3RTL
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antennas of DL3RTL

On shortwave I use some dipoles and some inverted-Vs on a common Balun. All antennas are mounted at the loft of the house in a hight of about 25 meters above the ground. There is a

  • L/2 dipole for 80 metres mostly omni,
  • L/2 dipole for 40 metres west to east,
  • L/2 dipole for 20 metres S/W to N/E for NA-operation,
  • L/2 sloper for 17 metres north to south
  • L/2 inverted-V for 10 metres N/W to S/E
  • L/2 dipole for 6 metres N/W to S/E
  • as well as a 25 metres long vertical wire antenna for reception

On 2 metres I use a HB9CJ witch can be dismantled for mobile operation and a selfmade 3,50 metres long 28-Ohms-YAGI with about 11 dBd:

On 70 cm I use a HB9CV and a self made double hybrid quad with around 10 dBd which you can see on the right picture. On the left you can see my home-brew quadrifilar helix (QFH) for 137-MHz NOAA weather satellites:

This is the only one I have not built by myself. It's a Flexyagi with about 11dB I manly use for Echolink gateway and packet radio:

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